Chaos Coffee Control

Tuning your coffee experience

Chaos Communication Camp 2011

Thanks to massive amounts of caffeine and peer pressure, we will be providing an excellent coffee experience at the C3MA village on the camp. Gonium will bring his modified Miss Silvia and additional equipment. If everything goes well we will also habe Dome’s Silvia up and running — this should improve the flat white throughput significantly.

We have ordered a huge amount of Espresso Monaco:

3 kg Espresso

It has been roasted on July 26th, so it is really fresh and delicious. If you’re at the camp, make sure to drop by.

What to bring

We don’t have an unlimited supply of fresh cups, and we don’t like to clean cups all day. So, please bring a cup on you own. Here’s what you don’t want to bring:

Bring one of these and get laughed at.

First of all, you don’t want to show people that you drink coffee at Starbucks, seriously. The second problem with this kind of cup is the height: It doesn’t fit under the portafilter. So: don’t.

For your quick reference here’s what your cup should look like:

Green: ACK, Red: NAK.

The green cups are totally cool and work. The red one — you know the drill. So, bring the right cup and some time, and we try to provide you with a delicious coffee.